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Timbe - Rhodesian Ridgeback


Information file
  • Female
  • 30/12/2002
  • Dark wheaten
  • 64cm
  • 39kg
  • A
  • LOF 6 RHOD RID 001624/00341


Timbe is our first Rhodesian, she is the one that has given us the passion of Rhodesian, with her gentleness and her joy of life. She has always shared our hobbies. Timbe is an active dog who is always motivated by any long walk, she also loves swimming in the sea and in mountain lakes.

Timbe came from passionate breeders: Mr and Ms Blumberg, breeders from Shangani Rhodesian Ridgeback. Timbe came from a great line of descendants as many of her ancestors are show winners.  

It is official, Timbe is expecting a litter! See the section 'Puppies' for more information.   


Shangani Timbe Kanai

Pacha of Shangani
LOF 911

Umvutcha Matobo of Shangani
ZKC 15 645
LOF 8 RHO.RID 000822/00138

Chucklenook Chancellor of Umvutcha
ZKC. 14775

Lionill Maid Marion of Umvutcha
ZKC. 9337

Mataqua Mustard

Gunthwaite Avenger

Sheemar Teeta

Sarula Chikadzi of Shangani
ZKC 12072
LOF 000719/00116

Rustig Mooktesi of Sarula

Matange Pronkberg

Rusvinga Pronkberg

Mushana Kanzi of Sarula

Mukani of Mushana

Chiremba Nembo of Mushana



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