Birth of Timbe's puppies!

Timbe gave birth to a litter of 10 puppies on 27/12/06!

We are very proud to announce to you the birth of the 10 pups of Timbe and Rainbow! The birth went well and was problem free. Timbe knew to keep calms and showed courage for her very first litter. The litter is made up of 5 Males and 5 Females. The pups are in perfect health, between 400g and 600g. They all have very beautiful peaks on the back, which is a good indicator for this first litter.


Timbe, just like us, is full of happiness: even though she no longer has respite between feeding, cleaning and the education of the pups.


We are very happy for Timbe because it is certainly the most beautiful thing which could have arrived for her during the festive season. Our friends, stockbreeders of Shangani, came to congratulate us. It was one moment of emotion because it reminded them of the birth of Timbe on 29/12/02. This year, Timbe celebrates her 4 years with all her descendants in tow!


First images of the puppies


The puppies grow